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Funding for t-shirts/uniforms out of allocated funds require a few steps:

  • Must be listed on your org's budget.
  • Must include the ASUCR logo. (minimum size 2x2) 
  • Preferably include the words "sponsored by".
  • Will need to submit a Print Preview from the VENDOR showing the design and location of the ASUCR logo along with a requisition.
  • Will need to purchase a "donation" t-shirt which will be displayed in the ASUCR Bear's Den.  This needs to be delivered the ASUCR Front office with the requisition or upon receipt of the t-shirts.
  • Allocated funds will pay up to 10% over the Highlander Link roster in Fall quarter and 5% over in Winter quarter.  T-shirts ordered in Spring quarter will not be covered by allocated funds.  For example; if Highlander Link shows 10 active members in your Org roster, then ASUCR would cover the 10 plus 10% = 11 and one for the bear's den = 12 T-shirts total.  
ASUCR Co-sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement of the views and opinions expressed.