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The Executive Cabinet

In ASUCR, the Executive Branch is also known as the ‘Executive Cabinet’. The Executive Cabinet is a representative body composed of five Executive Officers and six non-voting Directors. These officers and directors are elected by the student body At-Large. 

Ankita A


 Ankita Ahluwalia


Ankita Ahluwalia is serving as ASUCR President for the 2023-2024 academic year. To address pertinent educational inequities, she founded POWAN Initiative, a nonprofit empowering our Inland Empire K-12 students and teachers with equitable e-learning solutions and after-school programs. As the co-founder of UCR’s Lead’R Lab program in the UCR Library, she mentors student innovators to turn their big ideas into a reality. She is an undergraduate student researcher and Chancellor's Research Fellow. As UCR’s student body president, she aims to create an inclusive, productive, and empowering atmosphere in ASUCR while ensuring student concerns are addressed so all students’ voices are seen, heard, and valued! She is the head of the Executive Branch and is tasked with ensuring ASUCR projects, events, and initiatives are running smoothly for the entire association.


 Victoria Nguyen



Hello Highlanders! 

My name is Victoria Nguyen (she/her) and it is truly my honor to serve our campus as the Executive Vice President of ASUCR. I am here to advocate for the student body and lead our senate to ensure that student voices are heard loudly and clearly. One of my main responsibilities to ensure that student voices are heard is leading our weekly Senate Meetings. Our Senate Meetings are meant to be a time and space to ensure that students can reach their student government representatives, be heard, and hear updates about what their representatives are doing for them! Senate Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 PM in HUB 221. Outside of ASUCR, I serve as the President of the National Society of Leadership and Success. I am also a fourth year Business major with a concentration in management and a minor in law and society.

For more updates, please follow my Instagram @asucrevp. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to be connected with a senator, please email me at

Very Truly Yours,

Victoria Nguyen


 Ruhi Barman





Hi Highlanders! My name is Ruhi Barman and I am honored to serve as the Vice President of Campus Internal Affairs this year. The Internal Affairs Office deals with a multitude of issues and initiatives pertaining to the internal functioning of UCR. This includes but is not limited to basic needs, academics, recreation, health, well-being, and safety. We are committed to keeping an open line of communication for students to share their feedback and concerns so that we as an association can actively seek out solutions. 

To stay updated follow @asucrinternalaffairs on Instagram and for any questions, comments, concerns, or if you would like to schedule a meeting- please email me at I look forward to a great year!


 Angel Renteria



Hello everyone! My name is Ángel Rentería Enríquez and I am a fourth year Political Science Major from Los Angeles. Entering my fourth year in External I have seen several instances of outstanding advocacy at UCR since 2020. Since 2020 External has achieved a $500 increase to the Federal Pell Grant, Creation of the Middle Class Scholarship, gaining $18 Million in Disability Resource Centers across the UC, implementing accessible menstrual products across California, and supporting student workers and organizers. I am committed to ensuring that the needs of UCR students are being advocated for in our local, state, and federal government, and also within the UC system. My goals for this year is to increase civic engagement and voter registration ahead of the 2024 election, support our student workers and lead educational campaigns on their worker’s rights, and support student-led advocacy at our university and across the UC system. At External we are committed to attaining actionable tangible change. We are an office that is run by students for students and we are receptive to all types of feedback that is given to our office. I invite you all to get involved in External as we are in the active effort to make the UC and UCR more accessible, attainable, and affordable. Whether it is meeting with legislators in Sacramento or DC, or grassroots organizing, we always keep R’Students at the center of our advocacy.

En Communidad,

Ángel Rentería Enríquez (He/Him)


 Brandon Huang



Hello Highlanders, my name is Brandon Huang (he/him).  I am a third year finance major serving as your ASUCR Vice President of Finance for this 2023-2024 academic year. My goal is to help student organizations receive fundings in a timely manner while ensuring that all organizations understand the guidelines to avoid any complications within payments. The office of finance is here to help club organizations answer any questions regarding their annual allocations while keeping all our finances completely transparent with the student body.


 Ellen Nguyen


Hi everyone, my name is Ellen Nguyen (she/her), and I am a third year Environmental Science major! As someone who grew up in the Inland Empire, I have witnessed the first hand effects of environmental injustices and how climate change continues to affect our community. I am passionate about conserving green spaces in urban areas and the health impacts that are associated with environmental issues. My goals for myself, education, and overall career is to spread awareness on how to further protect our planet and ultimately the people inhabiting it. Through first hand experience and ever-growing knowledge, I hope to cultivate a safe space for historically marginalized people in climate and make sustainability more accessible because everyone deserves access to a healthy and wholesome environment/



 Uthinh Pham 


Ahman Greene

 Ahman Greene




Hi Highlanders!!!

My name is Ahman Greene, I am a third-year sociology major, and I am happy to be serving as ASUCR’s first-ever Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion! Prior to receiving this position I served as a CHASS Senator my second year and a President’s fellow my first. To get to know me better, outside of school and ASUCR I enjoy learning to cook, exercising at the SRC, and spending time with friends. Growing up as often the only black person around I know what it feels like to be treated differently even before you get to introduce yourself and not always have the same access to opportunity as others. Therefore, my goal as ASUCR’s VP DEI is to make UCR a safe and inclusive environment where all students have access to the same opportunities in pursuit of bettering themselves and their futures. If you’d like to get involved or just want to stay up to date, follow and message our new office Instagram @asucrdei  !!!


 Hemant Hari



Hello Highlanders!

My name is Hemant Hari and I am serving as the Personnel Director for this school year. I’m a third year Business Major from Fremont California. I previously served a term as a Senator during my second year which is what motivated me to run for the position of Personnel Director. 

Some goals my office has for this year is to streamline communication between the different branches of ASUCR about committee’s and hiring as well as collaborate with members on various different events such as for our athletics programs, advocacy events, campus safety and Womans Rights events and so much more! 

If anyone has any questions, ideas, suggestions, or just needs to reach out to me my email is and my offices instagram is @asucrcommittees.


 Mahnoor Javed





Hello Highlanders! My name is Mahnoor Javed and I’m thrilled to be serving as your Transfer Student Director! A little bit about myself: I’m a fourth year Political Science major pursuing law school after completing my time at UCR. 

For this year, I aspire to ease the transition and bridge the gap for transfer students. Many transfer students are deprived of a good experience due to the lack of awareness in resources the school has to offer them. I aim to ease that transition and advocate for transfer students' needs by actively attending meetings pertaining to transfer students' needs and to develop a community that welcomes and connects transfer students with one another. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to reach out to me, please email me at

A Arias

 Alexandra Arias





 Andrew Bui



Hello Highlanders! My name is Andrew Bui and I'm excited to serve as the First-Time College Student  Director for this academic year. A little bit about myself: I’m a 3rd year Business Major from San Francisco, Denver Nuggets fan, and served as a Senator and Executive Fellow prior to being elected as Director. 

The goal of my Office is to enhance the experiences of first-time students through the hosting of events and sharing of resources. My Office will also be spearheading R’Gear this year alongside the Office of the President, Elections, and Marketing.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any reasons at: I look forward to what this academic year has in store for us all!

Andrew Bui



 Nadia Aierken



Hi Highlanders! My name is Nadia Aierken, I am a 3rd year information system major and I will be serving as the International Students Director for 2023-2024 school year. As an ex-international student myself, I realized the challenges international students face on a daily basis. I felt the need to shine a light to the issue and make an effort to better international students transition to UCR. My main goal is to be able to provide an opportunity for students, create a safe space, and promote international student needs.


 Abby Choy


 Dallys Cobian

Hi Highlanders! My name is Dallys Cobian and I am a 4th year History Major.  I  have been fortunate to be able to pursue research in the University Honors program, Mentoring Summer Research Program (MSRIP), where I earned an award for best humanities and social sciences poster presentation. Through the University Digital Scholarship Program I also worked with campus archives to successfully create an original digital archive for the university library. I hope to expand my current research in Graduate School and eventually in a college classroom.

As the Non-Traditional Student Director, my goal is to provide a voice for the multitudes of students who did not take a traditional approach to higher education. By bringing the unique needs of non-traditional students to the forefront of the conversation with campus policy and decision makers, the objective of this office will be to enact positive changes for non-traditional students (students with dependents, veterans, re-entry, foster youth, system impacted, disabled students and beyond). Ultimately, the goals of such policy changes will better serve this community of students by increasing retention rates that will then lead to higher graduation rates.