Outreach Grant Information

Student Initiated Academic Preparation funds are made available from the California State budget legislation. The purpose of the Outreach grant is to fund student-led academic preparation activities, and increase the educational capacity of California school and educational opportunities for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Outreach events funded by the outreach grant must be specifically geared for California junior high, high school, and transfer students, with the goal of having those students enroll in an institution of higher education. 



The ASUCR Outreach Director provides oversight of the development and operation of the Outreach Allocation Funds at UC Riverside. The Outreach Funds Committee ensures fair distribution and adequate use of funds.


Eligibility to Apply
  • Organizations must be registered with UC Riverside Student Life.
  • Organizations must promote education through academic preparation activities. 
  • Organization must have a sponsoring department with the Director’s approving signature.
  • Organization must plan and host outreach event on campus.


 Application Process
  1. After submitting your application you must sign-up for an outreach hearing time slot with the ASUCR front office. 
    • Deadline to sign-up with the front office is 3 business days prior to your preferred hearing date.
  2. Optional: it is advisable that grant requests receive a preliminary review (available by appointment) by the Outreach Director. To schedule an appointment contact the Outreach Director at (951) 827-3621.
  3. A member(s) from your organization must attend an Outreach funds hearing, present and explain the event in detail.
  4. Applicants and Directors will be notified by email after the decision has been made by the committee and been approved by the ASUCR Senate.


 Funding Requirements
  1. Activities shall be UC Riverside student initiated.
  2. Activities must include academic preparations efforts that contribute to increasing the academic achievement of educationally and or economically disadvantaged students to encourage achieving eligibility for college and university admission.
  3. Activities shall focus on the recruitment and membership of junior high, high school, and community college students from underserved schools.
  4. Activities shall include a framework of accountability, both financially and programmatic, that adheres to University policies and procedures.
  5. A detailed agenda of the activity including the times and locations.


For any questions, or to set up an application review appointment contact:

Outreach Director via email asucroutreach@ucr.edu  




Things to Remember:

  • $10 limit for T-Shirts
  • No funding for speakers, or professional services
  • No funding for photographers
  • $500 limit for Bus Allowance for 30-40 students
  • No funding for parking permits (only signs and attendants)
  • $10 limit for food per participant per day
  • No equipment allowed for purchase
  • No off campus outreach allowed, participants must travel to UCR
  • No funding for Background Checks
  • Orgs need to know which schools will be specifically targeted
  • Must have Sponsoring Department
  • Orgs need to have a specific date for the event
  • No double dipping on events, two orgs coming for funding on one event
  • No giveaways